The Volcano vs. The Puffco Peak Desktop Vaporizer. Which is Right for You?

Mar 6, 2019 | Dosage, Methods of Delivery

Desktop vaporizers were the original way to vape cannabis and cannabis concentrates.  The market has a plethora of units with different options available and it’s up to you, the consumer, to decide which of these options will enhance your cannabis experience.  We found two desktop vaporizers that we think you’ll really enjoy; The Volcano and The Puffco Peak, and provided the pros and cons for each.

The Volcano

Pros of the Classic

  • You won’t get better tasting, purer vapor with any other desktop vaporizer on the market.
  • The highly effective temperature regulators and forced air system virtually eliminate the risk of combustion.
  • Using vaporizer bags greatly simplifies drawing for an easy vaping experience.
  • The level of quality of the craftsmanship of the Volcano Classic exceeds that of nearly all other vaporizers on the market today.

Cons of the Classic

  • The cost of the desktop vaporizer is by far its biggest drawback
  • You cannot tell precisely what temperature the vaporizer is set at

Pros of the Digital

  • Taste and vapor quality of the Volcano Digit are truly second to none.
  • There is little to no risk of combustion when using the digital due to the reliable temperature regulation.
  • Balloon system makes it easy & convenient, as well as very easy to clean.

Cons of the Digital

  • Biggest drawback of the Volcano digital is the price
  • Majority do not justify the extra cost for the added digital display
  • 2-year warranty is shorter than guarantee on other desktop vaporizers
  • Including Volcano Classic; however, vaporizer reportedly will last well beyond guarantee

The Puffco Peak 


  • 4 Unique User Heat Settings
    Beginner or expert, small or big loads, flavor or big clouds, no matter how you like to consume there is a perfect setting for you. Sesh-mode also lets you extend your session, creating the first social dab experience.
  • 20 Second Average Heat-Up
    Compare this to the 3 minute process of heating and cooling times with typical dab rigs. This means more consumption and less waiting.
  • Intelligent Temperature Calibration
    The smartware automatically adjusts heat times if your bowl is still hot. This provides a more consistent experience during repeated use and sesh-mode.
  • LED Light Band / Haptic Feedback
    The discreet light band provides battery and heat cycle indicators when needed, and conceals itself when they’re not. Haptic feedback keeps your timing spot on so you’re getting the perfect hit.
  • Fast Charging / Long Lasting
    The battery fully charges in 2 hours when using the supercharger. It lasts around 30 dabs.


  • The central area where the Puffco Peak is lacking is that it currently offers no customization. Currently it is only available in one base color, with clear glass and a clear carb cap.
  • Currently an app to fine-tune temperature settings or other glass mouthpieces to choose from with a broader range of percolation options is not offered.

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