Consultation Program

G3 Cannabis Therapy focuses on cannabis education, while providing support and guidance to clients throughout the entire process.

Our experienced cannasultants at G3 Cannabis Therapy specialize in efficiently catering to the needs of a range of client requests.

See below for full services and pricing:

Personal Cannabis Therapy Consultation: $50 | 30 Min

Cannabis is complex. We serve as your cannabis guide to help navigate this diverse world of cannabis with many options and choices that come up with medical to adult-use cannabis.

We offer FREE Introductory session to get to know you and learn about your individual needs with cannabis. Once we understand your needs, we customize our consultation program, educating you on variety of topics to better understand cannabis so you can have consistent positive cannabis experiences.

Business Craft Cannabis Consultation: $150 | 60 Min

Our Consultants have experience in consulting small-scale producers to have an important role to play in their communities, provide quality product, create local jobs and equitable economic opportunities. We often believe, the only thing missing is the experience or “know how” when it comes to designing and operating an efficient Home or Micro Craft Cannabis business operation. That’s where we come in.