Roll a Joint and Roll Your Problems Away With It

Jul 17, 2019 | Cannabis 101, Cannabis Therapy, Methods of Delivery

As marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states, enjoying THC and CBD is now as normal as it is to drink a glass of wine after dinner or an after-work beer with a couple of buddies. In fact, many people have adopted the habit of rolling a joint and smoking as a perfect tool to unwind and relax.

Smoking/Rolling a Joint With Intention

There is an old proverb that says, ”live each day with intention.” If you set up your mind to enjoy the little, mundane things in life – you can live so much fuller and happier, even though your material situation can stay the same. You don’t need to have more to feel more.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a perfect example of that, just take a look at his Instagram account, and you’ll know what we are saying.

He calls his gym “Iron Paradise” and enjoys every moment of working out, even though his training is impossibly difficult for 99% of other humans on Earth. When he has a weekly cheat meal, it’s not an ordinary cheat meal. Oh, no buddy. Dwayne’s cheat meals are a thing of beauty, a celebration for his hard work (he usually watches something on Netflix and stuffs himself with an enormous amount of sushi and sweets).

When it comes to cannabis, we can all borrow a page from Dwayne Johnson’s book, and enjoy the whole process to the fullest.

No matter how often you enjoy your herbs; if you smoke with intention, and you establish a smoking/rolling ritual – you could be enjoying it so much more than if you do it randomly, or ”just because.”

Maximize Your Joint Rolling Ritual

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”

― Bill Watterson

Smoking cannabis is that kind of activity that should be meditative, and it should have healing purposes for our spirit. It should make us more relaxed in the body, calmer in mind, and happier in the soul.

Rolling a Joint Ritual

The next time you roll a joint, remember to do everything slowly and be aware of the entire process. Enjoy the gift that you are about to receive completely. Smell the green meadows inside the weed bag. Enjoy the process of rolling a perfect joint. Look at your surroundings; try to notice something that you haven’t before.

Be grateful for who you are and what are the best things you have in your life. Your health. Your family. Your body and your intellect. Your potential, all the places that you have seen, and all the other that you are going to see. Let your mind flow into positive vibes; feel the warmth inside your body.

Light up. Inhale.

Let all of those positive feelings intensify as you are looking around your surroundings and feel the divine presence inside you.

By creating this kind of ritual, marijuana can help you achieve a meditative state, help you unwind, and help you get away from everything worldly and enter into something heavenly. That’s what smoking with intention really is.To set up the mood, you can also use some of your favorite music, candles, making yourself a bath, etc. Feel free to treat yourself with moments of gratitude, relaxation, and higher consciousness.

Now, we hope the next time you go to roll the perfect joint, you’ll enjoy it like never before! To help you along, we’ve included below how to roll a “boat style” joint.

How to Roll a Joint (Boat Style)

Items Needed
Rolling papers (ZigZag, Bambu, and Easywider)
Crutch (A.K.A. filter or tip)

1. Remove paper from packet – Notice your paper will typically be folded in half. Look at the long ends of the paper and you’ll notice one side is bare and the other side has a glue strip that’s sort of sticky. Make a note of where the sticky strip is.

2. Find your fold, and with the stick strip up and facing you, create a new fold in the paper just below the halfway point. Essentially you want the sticky end to not have any paper touching it when you create your new fold.

3. Pinch and twist the right edges together towards the sticky strip so the sticky end will fold over the twisted part.

4. With the boat end secured, you can begin the process of loading freshly ground greens into your boat.

5. Ground your cannabis so it’s chucky and firm.

6. Add an appropriate amount of bud into your boat.

7. Pick everything up and roll it back and forth until the mix in the rolling paper is evenly dispersed and cylindrical in shape.

8. Lay the filter down in the center at the end of the joint, the side that does not have the twisted boat end. Putting the filter in before rolling saves hassle and makes it more likely that you’ll get a perfect fit.

How to add the filter to a joint

9. After the weed has been coaxed into a nicely formed log, it’s time to start easing the bottom half of the rolling paper over the greens and underneath the top of the rolling paper. You’re going to want to start at the filter end so you can keep the filter in nice and tight, which helps to roll the rest of the joint to the end. To reiterate, the sticky strip should be folding face down
around the outside of the paper along the bottom.

10. When a nice pointed joint begins to take shape, slide your tongue along the sticky strip to glue your boat shut and bam!  Pro Tip: If you find it hard to stick your tongue under the glue strip and get a nice seal, fold the top over and lick the outside of the glue strip. The glue will still adhere and you don’t have to try to slide your tongue under the glue.

11. Once you have the joint fully rolled, take the twisted end and shake it down a bit. We call this ‘packing the joint’ and it will push any loose cannabis towards the filter and tighten the joint. Once it’s packed down, twist off the excess paper and tighten it.

Do you think you know how to roll the perfect boat style joint now? You can print out the above directions as well as find out how to make a crutch (tip) with our resource.  If you’re looking for a demonstration to watch, check out our Cannabis Therapy PotCast where we show you how to roll.

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