How To Set Up A Cannabis Grow Room

Nov 27, 2019 | Homegrown Weed Series

With the expansion of legalization across the nation, many cannabis connoisseurs are rejoicing in the legal ability to grow their own. A marijuana movement, where plant lovers are cultivating their own fruits of their own labor. But with the cannabis plant being far different than the flowers, vegetables or succulents you may already care for…it’s best to be prepared from the start. Just one factor being ‘off’ in your garden space, can create issues for the finicky plant as you curate your own cannabis crop. So, if you’re looking to add home ganja gardener to your resume, here’s a few tips to do so successfully.

Size of Your Grow Room Matters

The first thing you’ll need to decide is the space, and size of your area to grow in. Ultimately, this will depend on the amount of plants you plan to sow. However, you’ll also have to consider how you’ll fit the necessary tools it’ll take to do so too. While also creating the ideal environment that will help your plants thrive.

You’ve probably perused the internet enough to know, that grow spaces can be as small as a closet, to as big as a warehouse. Many home growers adapt closets, tents, cabinets or basement areas to use as discrete spaces for their new found hobby.

But let’s not jump the gun, and throw potted seeds or clones, willy-nilly behind any closed doors. If you want your crop to be useable (aka smokeable) then over the lifetime of growth for your cannabis plants, you’ll need to think of the following in terms of space –

  • Space surface – Keep in mind, you’ll be feeding your pot pals with water. Meaning, the area’s bound to be wet. Consider the type of flooring or base your space or room has, and adapt if possible. Avoid carpet, or wood, and think of tiled areas or concrete floors. You can also adhere pond liners, or moisture safe material to any base, too. And because you’re watering…you’ll want to think of a drain system as well. Standing water in plants or your room can cause a plethora of issues, especially in regards to cleanliness.

  • Light it up – Without natural sunlight, like outdoor crops, you’ll have to mimic light sources to grow your own cannabis successfully. Which means that your space will have to fit a proper lighting system to provide energy for growth. The type or amount of light provided to your cannabis plants, can equal heavier yields. The most popular choices among home cannabis growers, include HID lamps, LED lamps or fluorescent lamps. These can vary in size, so be sure you can fit them in your space and that they’ll provide enough energy for the amount of plants you plan to grow. But don’t forget, some lights will get hotter than others, and you’ll want to avoid burning of your plants. In regards to space, and lights, give yourself ample height.
  • Air controllers – At the very least, while growing your own cannabis plants, you’ll need air flow. But you’ll also want to consider how you’ll control the temperature or humidity in your indoor garden as well. Cool, dry areas are the most ideal. Or, you’ll need ducting to remove humidity, stale air, and to let outside air in, for cooling or controlling air quality. For optimal growth, 70-75 degrees with humidity between 40-75% is suggested. A thermometer or thermostat to monitor and control ideal air temps is best.
  • Room to grow – The bigger the space…the more your girls can grow. In flowering, cannabis plants can grow nearly triple their size. So, it’s important to remember that with proper growth – the plants are going to get big! Keep this in mind when choosing the size of your space, and the amount of plants you’ll be able to contain.

Most importantly, your cannabis grow room or space is going to smell. While choosing your space, if you’re in close quarters with neighbors or have visitors to consider, extra precautions can be implemented. Most cannabis home growers install or utilize carbon air filters that will reduce the sweet scent, the plants produce.

And lastly, when considering your space you’ll want to make it user-friendly. To grow cannabis plants, a certain level of care and work goes into making a crop successful. Like feeding daily, supplying nutrients, de-leafing for increased light exposure and more. Even more, you’ll need the space to properly monitor your crop for pests, molds and other factors that could have a debilitating effect if it goes unnoticed.

Keep Your Cannabis Grow Room Clean

Speaking of mold, keeping your space clean is imperative for a safe and usable end-product, too. So cleanliness = godliness for a quality grown good to smoke, after harvest.

Choosing easy to clean surfaces, and materials is ideal for avoiding any issues. Controlling your space and outside environmental factors will help deter pests and molds, too. Keeping a minimal amount of bacteria retaining materials, like carpet, wood, or cloth fabrics (think drapes) will ensure an optimal environment for your crops.

In the worst-case scenario, that your plants do become infected with bugs like mites, or molds like powdery mildews there are safe solutions to treat your plants with. This is where monitoring your crops is key too, as the sooner you catch them, the better.

The Importance of Light In Your Cannabis Grow Room

When growing your own cannabis plants in an indoor space, you’ll be using a photoperiod type of light cycle. Meaning, your cannabis plants will flower with stages of light, followed by stages of no light. Typically when growing cannabis plants, a 12-12 rule is implied in regards to light. So, your plants will grow ideally with 12 hours of light, and 12 hours of dark.

And we mean, dark. Any smidge of light can confuse your cannabis plants. Which is why many home growers also choose to install timer systems for their lights. This helps avoid forgetfulness when it comes to the vital element of light and dark for growth.

When plants are exposed to light during their ‘dark’ periods, detrimental effects can occur, too. Like the precious buds developing seeds, or not growing as bountiful. So it’s important to close any seams to your space, like doors or windows, ensuring your light is as tight as can be.

Grow Your Own Cannabis

By following a few simple steps, and starting off on the right foot – you’ll be that much closer to harvesting your own cannabis crop. Beyond creating a perfect cannabis grow room or space, keep in mind the strain choice or seed/clone type, can affect your growing cycles or success too. Like any new venture, do your research, have fun, and do your best. And, when you’re done – kick back, and relax with your own home-grown cannabis, worth the labor put forth.

Have you set up your own grow room? Let us know what you thought in the comments and how successful your home grow was! Have more questions about growing your own cannabis? Call one of our expert cannasultants today and get ready to grow!

Watch our Cannabis Therapy Potcast below where we go in depth on how to set up your cannabis grow room for more information! Find the show resources here.

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