How To Come Down From A Cannabis High

Sep 17, 2019 | Cannabis Therapy

If you have smoked cannabis or eaten an edible, then chances are that you have experienced the feeling of being “too high” at least once. That one extra puff or gummy bear that seemed fun and harmless can turn into a headache, dizziness, paranoia, nausea, a racing heart; and/or an overall feeling like you are having a panic attack – which is not fun at all.

Biting off more than you can chew doesn’t have the visible effects of overdrinking, but it can also be quite unpleasant. And when you find yourself in that predicament, you want it to end ASAP.

If you have taken a higher dosage of THC or underestimated its potency, try these steps below to come down as quick as possible:

Meditation (Focus on breathing)

As we mentioned above; pounding heart, paranoia, and nausea can all be side effects of a bad cannabis experience. The first solution you can try to handle each of those – is to take a series of deep breaths to calm yourself down and to decrease your heart rate. Inhale, exhale, repeat (without the blunt in your mouth, obviously).

Talk to a friend

Ingesting THC can lead to paranoia, and the problem with it is that people are ashamed of it. Marijuana is advertised as a fun activity filled with laughter and positive emotions, but we all know that this is not the case every time.

So, don’t be embarrassed that you are not having a good time at the moment, and feel free to tell somebody about it. Talking to a trusted person for a few minutes can mean the world, and you can be feeling better in no time.

Walk it off

A crowded place, loud music, and smoke in the air can all contribute to the adverse effects of cannabis. Going for a walk and breathing fresh air is one of the best ways to calm yourself down. Another thing you can do is exercise, which can be a great way to get out of your head and be a positive distraction for your mind and body.

Eat something

Cannabis will lower your blood sugar, so if you eat something sweet, or any food rich in carbohydrates (because carbs are converted to glucose) – your blood sugar will rise, and you will reduce the effects of THC in your bloodstream.

However, some foods may make you more high, according to this article. Drinking water will help as well; you have to be appropriately hydrated when you smoke/eat cannabis.


Lemonade was a popular drink, and it still is, says one rap lyric. It might be even more popular among cannabis enthusiasts after they find out that it can help them come down from marijuana. Why does lemonade have this superpower?

It’s because of something called terpenes, organic compounds found in various plants. Combined with THC, terpenes have a soothing effect that can help you alleviate anxiety. Take a look at the list of terpene foods and plants that will be best to combine with cannabis.

Take a shower (hot or cold)

If you have the chance to jump into a shower, it might work just right to suspend the THC intoxication for a bit. It can be both a hot and cold shower, whatever you prefer. A cold shower will shake up your senses, and a hot one will have a calm and relaxing effect.

If you are not at home or it’s inappropriate to take a shower, try splashing your face with cold water to wake yourself up.

Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

Have sex or masturbate

This is not PG-13 advice, but we are all adults here. When you need a calming sensation, the one that will alleviate an overwhelming high; there is not one much better than an orgasm. Of course, this applies if the circumstances and whereabouts allow so.

Go to sleep

If all of those steps don’t seem to be working, sometimes the best you can do is to call it a night and give your body and mind a chance to rest. You’ll probably wake up a little bit groggy in the morning, but it’s nothing that a cup of coffee can’t fix.

Some more advice – Take the herbs that you are familiar with Wiz Khalifa explained this on the Joe Rogan podcast. He said he smokes an ounce a day, but that he only uses his own brand of weed. When Joe asked him why he doesn’t smoke other strains, Wiz said that he responds best to that particular one and that he doesn’t want to risk it with anything else.

So if you like a specific strain of weed, stick with it. You will have the same high that you can trust, and you’ll also be able to dose it correctly with experience. When you are smoking something new or unidentified, you don’t know what are you going to get.

Other than that, we can only recommend that you stay patient if you want to come down from a THC high. No one has ever overdosed on weed, so if you are feeling any of the above mentioned negative side effects, just remember the old proverb: “This too shall pass.”

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