We Are G3 Cannabis Therapy Educators

Who are “Cannabis Therapy Educators?”

Cannabis Therapy Educators are people who provide expert/professional information on Cannabis. Cannabis Therapy Educators specialize in one area of the Cannabis industry, i.e., Cannabis Therapy. Cannabis Therapy Educators assist Medical Marijuana Users, and Therapeutic Marijuana Users to navigate the complex world of cannabis by educating them on how to get their desired therapeutic benefits of cannabis for positive cannabis experiences rather then merely get high.

Basically, anyone who renders personal and business craft cannabis consulting services to provide consistent positive cannabis experiences is a Cannabis Therapy Educator. Read More>>

Our services include customized cannabis use plans, advice and basic cannabis skills training for beginners, trouble-shooting for advanced users, dosage tracking, strain customization, cannabis relevant mindfulness techniques, and guidance on the many methods of ingesting marijuana.

About Us

We educate cannabis users on the therapeutic uses of the variety of cannabis products by designing and leading in Cannabis Therapy (personal and cannabis craft growing) consulting in order to provide consistent positive cannabis experiences, so you can always achieve your desired therapeutic benefits and NOT merely get high.

As Cannabis Therapy Educators, there are a number of pivotal roles we are called to play in the industry, which include:

  1. MISEDUCATION MISINFORMATION: We are correcting the agelong miseducation and misinformation about cannabis use and business;

2. POSITIVE CANNABIS EXPERIENCE: Helping cannabis user’s to gain consistent positive cannabis experience through cannabis products recommendations based on the users intended effect; and

3. CHANGING THE LEGAL LANDSCAPE: Effecting some changes in the law as they relate to cannabis so that the law may not operate as a clandestine instrument to victimize and oppress cannabis users and businessmen or certain class of people in the society. Read More>>

As Cannabis Therapy Educators, we want to move our customers FROM experimenting over a significant period of time going from provider to provider in order to find the product that best fits their needs TO One-On-One Personal Cannabis Consultations to personally guide you through the cannabis maze, using the therapeutic effects feedback group to rate products by batch, on a scale of 1 to 5. In order words, moving you from inconsistent experimenting to personal consulting for better cannabis experiences. Read More>>

Cannabis Classroom

Our goal is to help demystify marijuana and provide you a quick guide that breaks down everything you need to know in a fun and accessible way.

Testimonial of a client helped immensely through our services

My Story

I have had multiple eventful experiences being a Cannabis Therapy advocate and I believe some of you have had similar experiences too, or know someone who has. But, don’t let us get carried away in the whole drama and forget to address the real problem.

The REAL PROBLEM is that we are misguided about Cannabis, and the priority of the law and law enforcement are misplaced, and these are all offsprings of cannabis miseducation and misinformation that have lasted for decades. The questions are:

  • How can we ensure that cannabis users have access to one-on-one personal cannabis consultation rather than a one-size-fits-all cannabis administration?
  • How can we make sure that users have proper therapy effect (product) recommendations and selections rather than experimenting over a significant period of time going from one provider to another in order to find the product that best fits their needs?
  • How can we get people (users, non-users, the State, everyone) to better understand cannabis and begin to appreciate the potentials of this God-given plant instead of treating cannabis users and businessmen as criminal at every slightest misgiven?

In order to help solve the problems faced by medical marijuana users, therapeutic marijuana users, small-medium growers, and small-medium scale processors, we have made some remarkable efforts founding a number of organizations to weigh in on the solutions:

1. The Cannabis Therapy Network: Providing Cannabis education and resources;

2. The Cannabis Therapy PotCast: Providing, also, Cannabis education and resources through video training and educative discourses on cannabis subject matters;

3. The Lighthouse IX:XX Herbal Blend: Providing Herbal blends and more;

4. The Primo Buddy: Providing Craft Cannabis (Business) Consulting and Cannabis Products;

5. The Tiggity App: The premier Cannabis Therapy App for tracking cannabis user experience and effects for better cannabis recommendations;

6. The Craft Cannabis Club: A private club for like minded working professionals who are interested in the cannabis industry. Read More>>

Cannabis Therapy Potcast

Tune in and watch our Cannabis Therapy Consultants engage in conversation on all things relevant to Cannabis Therapy. Learn about the history of Cannabis, New Therapy Techniques, Advice on growing your own Garden, Success Stories, and Much more!

The PotCast!

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Lighthouse Herbal Blends

Crafting An Elevated Experience With Cannabis and Herbs. Try a delectable blend of nature’s healings while indulging in Cannabis in an exciting new way. Lighthouse herbal blend pairs cannabis with herbs to enhance the aroma, flavor and effects of herbal benefits. The result is a unique and much more positive recreational and wellness experience.

The Craft Cannabis Club

Let’s Get Social

Working professional looking to get into the industry? Already an insider? Come join our private cannabis club to socialize and network with like-minded people who enjoy the craft of cannabis!

G3 Cannabis Therapy Academy

(Coming Soon!)

Through the G3 Cannabis Therapy Academy, we want to provide Cannabis Therapy (personal and business craft) consulting in order to provide consistent positive cannabis experiences, whole plant products, and small-medium scale economic opportunities for medical marijuana users, therapeutic marijuana users, and small-medium scale growers & processors.


Through these efforts, we have been able to:

  • Find the right products, methods, and dosing for our clients’ symptoms, conditions, and biochemistry;

  • Help them to have consistent positive cannabis experiences;
  • Take them through personal tour-guide to the complex world of cannabis;
  • Honestly provide them with product recommendations to alter their mood exactly how they wanted to without having to clear their schedule for the following 4 hours due to over-consuming;
  • Help our customers to better understand cannabis products, and make sense of the complex cannabis; and
  • Provide sustainable small batch, whole plant, full spectrum cannabis product from Farm to Families.

Our mission as Cannabis Therapy Educators is to educate cannabis users on the therapeutic uses of the variety of cannabis products. We want to move our clients FROM experimenting over a significant period of time going from provider to provider in order to find the product that best fits their need TO one-on-one personal cannabis, and business craft cannabis consultations to personally guide you through the cannabis maze.

If you LIKE Cannabis Therapy Educators and NEED to learn a lot about Cannabis, get better cannabis recommendations, and have quality one-on-one personal and business craft cannabis consultations, then you’ll love what we do here. Click here to join us TODAY.

Welcome to Cannabis Therapy Network. Check out our Resources and our PotCasts or Enter our Cannabis Classroom.

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