How to Find the Best Area to Grow Cannabis Indoors

May 12, 2021 | Cannabis Grow, Do It Yourself, Grow 101

Setting up your room is a magic part of growing cannabis indoors. You picture yourself surrounded by the green and purple of fully developed plants. You’re excited to care for them and find your groove in cultivating cannabis and even producing your own craft products.

When you picture yourself surrounded by your full grow, do you see which room you’re in? Do you imagine having enough space to move around? Are you even sure how much space you do need?

Space is the first concern when choosing the room for your home grow. It’s not, however, the only concern.

In this introductory article of the best indoor cannabis guide, you’ll learn exactly what to take into account when choosing the best space for your home grow.

1. How many plants will you grow?

To figure out the size of your grow room, consider the number of plants:

  • If you’re thinking about two or three plants, a closet could be perfect.
  • Anything more than three and you’ll want a larger area for your home grow (usually a whole room).
  • If you’re planning on upwards of 10 plants, you’re looking at a grow that will fill your whole garage.

Always plan for the size of fully matured plants, too. Depending on the strain, a cannabis plant can grow up to five feet tall and two or three feet wide.

2. Where can you easily service plants?

You’ll want easy access to your plants so you can service them. Just imagine lugging potting soil up a ladder to the attic… better yet, don’t. That’s the kind of thing you want to avoid.

Even for a grow of five or six plants, you’re looking at roughly an hour a day of watering, feeding, and training them. Prioritize easy access to your grow space, including how close you are to water.

And speaking of water, choose a room that you can get a little messy without stressing over it. If water and soil spill on the floor, you don’t want that to mean the end of your favorite Persian rug!

You’ll also want space for the equipment you need to service your plants. A rolling cart is a huge advantage to maximize storage.

3. How easily can you control the climate?

The room you choose for your grow will bring its own challenges in controlling both temperature and humidity.

For example, moisture settles in basements, and heat rises into attics. Did you know that an attic can run 20 degrees higher than temperatures outdoors? In Arizona on a sunny day, that means an attic can reach up to 140 degrees!

These kinds of temperature and humidity challenges are inevitable no matter where you grow indoors. When it comes to choosing the best area to grow cannabis, look instead at which areas can be most easily fitted with the carbon filter, fan and HVAC systems that will offset challenges and keep your environment optimal.

4. Have you considered the smell?

This wouldn’t be the best indoor cannabis guide unless we threw an unexpected factor into the mix.

Have you thought about the smell of your home grow?

The aromas of mature cannabis plants get pretty strong, which can be an added consideration for anyone with nosey neighbors.

The smell will seep into everything else in your grow room, too. If you have a large master bedroom and thought before about quartering off a corner for your plants, think again. You’ll have a closet of clothes with the aroma of cannabis as a result.

It’s the final three or four weeks of a grow that plants put off the most odor. If you’re starting with a smaller grow, pay close attention to the smell in the final stage so you can decide where to move once you add more plants.

5. Will noise be an issue?

Another reality of growing cannabis indoors is that the fans create noise. For a sleeping baby four rooms away, that might result in a humming white noise that lulls them to sleep.

If you’re in the next room trying to watch TV, however, the noise could become a distraction.
Every situation is different. That’s why this article doesn’t give any prescription telling you exactly where to set up shop. Instead, your next step is to weigh these five factors when picking the best space in your home.

Maybe you won’t find a place that’s optimal for smell and noise at the same time. Or maybe you’ll have to devote extra energy to climate control because the only space practical for service is the basement. Either way, that’s OK! The important thing is that you know what factors to keep in mind.
Specifically, check your possible grow rooms against:

  • The number of plants
  • The ease of servicing plants
  • Climate control
  • The smell
  • The noise

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