Cannabis Growing Laws in Michigan – Everything you Need to Know

Nov 5, 2019 | Cannabis Grow

Now that Michigan has legalized the use of recreational marijuana…’how to grow cannabis’ is a hot topic across the state. But like any legislation – there are a few rules you must comply with to sow those seeds legally. Before you begin your home grow in your home state, let’s review the cannabis growing laws Michigan residents are required to follow on their paths to personal pot.

Crop Counts

When growing cannabis in Michigan, one limit you’ll face is the number of plants you can cultivate. The law dictates that any resident over 21, can grow up to 12 plants per household. Which means that even if two adult residents live in one home, the limit is still 12 (and not 24).

This is a huge advantage for Michigan home growers, as most legalized states only allow up to 6.

If you grow over 12, or are caught over the limit – you’d be issued a civil infraction or fine. But, if you go over 25+ plants – be careful, as you’re in felony territory. And don’t forget – if you’re cloning, the mother plants count too.

The law also states that if you’re growing your own cannabis in Michigan you can keep as much of the fruit, your labors produce. Meaning, there is no limit on the amount of flower a home grower can possess at their home, from their own crops.

Michigan residents not growing their own cannabis, can have up to 10 ounces of flower at their home, legally. But any amount over 2.5 ounces (which is legal on person, in public, too) must be locked up, and secured.

Out of Sight

The next cannabis growing law you’ll have to follow in Michigan, is keeping your plants out of sight. This is easy for indoor locations, but outdoors can be a little tricky depending on your area. Either way, your plants must be locked up and secured – inside or out.

The Michigan law also states that plants can’t be visible to the public, without the use of binoculars, aircrafts or other ‘optical aids’. Outdoors, fences, tents, or greenhouses with lock capability are ideal options to ensure you’re meeting the requirements.

Time to Concentrate

Any cannabis aficionado, knows the good stuff comes in concentrate form. Or, the sticky icky resin off your home grown plants. So, is there a limit to the amount of concentrate you can keep from your Michigan home grown plants? The answer is, no. But, there are a few cannabis growing laws Michigan growers have to abide by.

If you’re breaking down your home grown flower, into homemade extracts, using ‘volatile substances’ to do so are strictly prohibited. This would include processes using butane, extreme heat, or dangerous lab equipment all together.

What you can do in your home safely, is use natural heat or water based methods to curate your own concentrates. Popular methods include bubble bags, which are trending on the cannabis market for safe, DIY dabs or extracts.

Or, if you’re looking to leave processing up to the professionals – Michigan home growers can have their marijuana extracted for concentrates in a non-residential facility.

No Sales Allowed

While the State has recreational storefronts popping up from town to town, don’t think your own home will be open for business. In Michigan, home growers can’t profit from selling their own crops. The law states selling marijuana products ‘without state and local licensing’ is illegal.

But, gifting marijuana products to adults over 21, is not. So, by law, Michigan residents can “gift” the following amounts for free –

  • up to 2.5 ounces of usable flower
  • or 15 grams of concentrate

Renter Issues

If you’re renting the home or space you plan on growing in, there could be further issues. Currently, landlords or property owners in Michigan have the ability to prohibit or regulate “the consumption, cultivation, distribution, processing, sale, or display of marijuana and marijuana accessories…”.

Conversely, no lease or agreement can prohibit a tenant from simply having up to 10 ounces in their home. Or ‘consuming marijuana by means other than smoking.’. Which means ingesting edibles is permitted in leased or rented spaces, by the law.

Grow Your Own

With its’ progressive marijuana legislation, Michigan is leading the way as a home grow state. If you’re just learning how to grow cannabis in Michigan, now you know the cannabis growing laws to stick to, without getting into any sticky legal situations. As long as residents follow the simple rules we’ve covered, you can watch your crop flourish legally, without worry.

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Earl Carruthers | Founder of Canna Therapy Group

After fracturing his pelvis in his junior year of high school, Earl Carruthers became a medical cannabis user under Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) in 2008. He intensely studied how to grow the plant and eventually opened the Green and Greener Grow Collective to help other medical marijuana patients experience numerous benefits. In 2012 Earl was pulled over while carrying what he thought to be a legal amount of medical marijuana for himself and four other patients. Since then, he has been in and out of court fighting these charges and attempting to re-define the term “usable marijuana” under Michigan law. Now Earl is committed to furthering medical marijuana rights for himself and his patients and continues to fight the good fight.