The Easiest Way To Make Your Own Green Dragon Cannabis Tincture

Mar 31, 2021 | Cannabis Therapy

Have you experienced the natural benefits of cannabis green dragon tincture? If not… it’s time you try the cannabis tincture that’ll blow you away with powerful whole-plant effects.

The DIY blend is easy for any cannabis consumer to make, and customizable with your favorite cultivar. Try your hand at something new and learn how to make green dragon tincture with our simple, yet potent, recipe.

What is Green Dragon Tincture?

Don’t be taken aback by the dangerous name, green dragon tincture has your back with smooth yet powerful cannabis effects. Its name comes from the cannabis tincture’s intense and dynamic green coloring.

By definition, green dragon tincture references the soaking of flower material in alcohol to dissolve and infuse beneficial plant compounds in the liquid. That includes cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and others, plus the terpenes and flavonoids naturally produced by cannabis.

What are the benefits of consuming green dragon tincture? It’s all about the ‘entourage effect’ you can experience from whole-plant cannabis concentrates, and the flower itself. It’s been scientifically proven, when terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other compounds are consumed together – they amplify one another’s effects.

How To Make Green Dragon Tincture

Without further ado, let’s learn how to make the Green Dragon tincture. While there are a variety of methods to make the unique cannabis tincture, we’ve found this recipe to be the easiest and most effective.

You’ll need:

  • at least a quarter of an ounce of cannabis flower which will turn out to be 7 grams per 1 cup of the alcohol, oil, or liquid base.

Tip: No matter the type of base you use, you’ll always want to keep a 1 cup to 7 g ratio. You can use glycerin, any type of oil, or our preference – Everclear, or high-grade alcohol.

  • Once you have your oil and flower, grind up the flower finely.
  • Add them both together in an oven-safe pan.
  • Now you’re ready to decarboxylate the mixture which activates the beneficial compounds and cannabinoids. To do so, preheat your oven to 250℉ and ‘bake’ the mixture for 30 minutes.

After that, it’s time to complete the infusion process.

  • Drop your oven’s heat to 160℉ or as low as it will go, and continue heating the mixture for 4-8 hours.

Tip: Be aware that this is going to be quite the pungent process. So you may want to use an odor control method like Ona gel, to dispel the natural aromas.

When complete, remove the mixture from the oven and get ready to strain.

  • Place cheesecloth over a strainer that’s placed over a glass jar or measuring cup.
  • Pour the mixture into the cheesecloth, and squeeze lightly until the liquid or oil is extracted as much as possible. Keep in mind, the more you squeeze the more chlorophyll will enter your mixture. This plant compound has an off-putting taste to some.

Now your mixture is ready to store.

  • You can store the tincture in a Mason jar or glass bottle/container, which will last when stored in dark, cool, areas for 6-8 months.
  • If you freeze or refrigerate the green dragon tincture, it can last over a year.

Mastering Tincture for Mighty Effects

Once you master your first tincture, you’ll want to continue benefiting from its mighty effects. What’s even better for green dragon tincture is you can have fun mixing, and combining cultivars for unique and customized benefits.

Go on, start honing your cannabis tincture skills, and DIY your own green dragon for maximized therapeutic effects.

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