We empower cannabis therapy
Simplifying the complex world of cannabis so you can consume comfortably.

You want to feel better and live better.

You don’t want to be left to deal with anxiety, pain, insomnia, or other problems you know cannabis can naturally ease.

You also don’t want to face the stigmas, misinformation, and fears that surround cannabis.

We need advocacy, education, and connection in the world of Cannabis Therapy
Where can modern cannabis users connect for therapeutic cannabis answers and to vibe where they feel they belong?
You’re already here. Welcome to the G3 Cannabis Therapy Network.

Meet G3

Meet G3 Cannabis Therapy Network (G3 CTN), the all-in-one hub for cannabis connoisseurs, canna-advocates, and the canna-curious.
We’re here to elevate the conversation around the plant.

There are too many products out there to find what brings the benefits you need. What do you get instead? Bad experiences and a significantly lighter wallet.
We show you what you need to consume comfortably.
We set up the community to build off what you learn.
What are you waiting for? G3 Cannabis Therapy Network is the new face of modern cannabis—where education meets comfortable consumption, advocacy, and community.
Who’s at the helm of G3 Cannabis Therapy Network’s modern marijuana movement?
None other than Earl Carruthers, an entrepreneur who helped shape the legal context of cannabis in Michigan.
To Earl, the modern cannabis culture became personal and professional in extraordinary ways.
After he endured multiple unjust brushes with local law enforcement, Earl saw first-hand what the system can do to those on the “up and up” in the industry.
With compassion, care, and entrepreneurial spirit, Earl walked through the fire and is now blazing a path for conscious cannabis consumers to a positive pot future.

Meet the G3 Brands

G3’s collection of brands each make part of our bigger goals a reality. G3 Cannabis Therapy Network seeks to connect and expand the minds of our community with our unique platforms.
Cannabis Therapy Potcast
Tune into G3’s Cannabis Therapy Potcast where we host industry leaders to discuss the intricacies of the cannabis plant. Learn from a range of experts sharing insights, how-tos, tips and tricks to get all your questions answered.
Have a hard time tracking what works with all the products, strains and dispensaries out there? Streamline your cannabis journey on Tiggity, the online journal. Now it’s about the most direct path to the benefits you’re after.
Craft Cannabis Club
Every cannabis consumer needs a crew and a place to consume comfortably. The cannacommunity has suffered stigmas and isolation for too long, and now we’ve become our own advocates at the Craft Cannabis Club (C3).
Homegrown Weed
Home growing is the future of the cannabis movement. But finding a reliable source while juggling best practices and legal requirements is hard. Homegrown Weed is where we offer proven solutions and resources.
Craft Hemp Box
Let’s not forget about craft hemp! If you’re down with cannabis for its non-psychoactive nature, we’ve got something for you. Subscribe to the Craft Hemp Box to save the time spent searching for the best hemp goods.
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I’ve been a member for at least six months now and my experience has been great. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I really like the gift boxes. I’d recommend Craft to anyone.

– LaTonya Hodges
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